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Farm Fresh Produce for Sale

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    Grass Fed Beef
  • Beef Bones

    Mixed bag of bones. Make your own broth! Sold by the pound

  • Beef Liver

    Sliced 1lb pkg. Sold by the pound

  • Bone in Ribeye

    Bone in and flavorful marbling. A great griller!!

  • Cube Steak

    Some good ole cube steak, mashed potatoes, english peas, homemade biscuits and gravy!! Sold by the pound

  • Half side of Beef

    Non refundable Deposit on half side of beef.

  • Porterhouse Steak

    Sold by the pound. 1 per pkg. Cut 1 1/4" thick. 1-2 lb pkg.

  • Ribeye Steaks Boneless

    Flavorful marbling. This is the primo cut you have been waiting on!

  • Steakburger/Hamburger

    We call this steakburger!! It is very lean with an excellent flavor. Sold in 1 lb packages

  • Whole Beef

    Non refundable Deposit on whole beef