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Farm Fresh Produce for Sale

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  • Bone in Ribeye

    Bone in and flavorful marbling. A great griller!!

  • Boston Butts

    Great on the smoker or in the crockpot. 1 per package 3-6 lbs. Sold by the pound.

  • Bread Butter Pickles

    Good on a burger or just by themselves

  • Breakfast Sausage

    Very nice, well seasoned mild breakfast sausage. Comes in 1lb roll.

  • Breakfast Sausage Hot

    This sausage is so good! There is hardly any fat and no shrinkage! This is a good seasoned hot sausage but not burn your mouth off hot! This is sold in one pound rolls.

  • Chicken

    Our chickens are raised on a NON GMO feed that we purchase from Hillsborough Feeds. They are out on pasture so they can do what chickens do. At this this time we sell whole chickens and they are by the pound.

  • CSA - Community Supported Agriculture B

    Monthly box deposit on 1st month service

  • Cube Steak

    Some good ole cube steak, mashed potatoes, english peas, homemade biscuits and gravy!! Sold by the pound

  • Eggs

    Farm Fresh Eggs from organically fed, happy hens! These hens can run around and eat things they are supposed to and do what chickens do! They love to take dust baths!

  • Habanero Pepper Jelly

    This is a great tasting pepper jelly. It is not too hot. We serve it with cream cheese and crackers. We also use it on grilled meats. Gives it a great flavor. Makes a pretty present also.